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A Sad Journey with my creation.

18 · Male from India · Apr 10, 2019
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What is your problem?

I recently created a tech community website The services which i started on my community are- 1- Tech queries soved within 24 hrs. 2- Latest tech updates and Gadget reviews and lots of tips on technology everyday. 3- Free practise projects and tutorials on markets leading tech skills such as programming, AI, Web development etc..... The website's aim was to solve tech problems of people around the world and provide a place where all tech geeks can learn and share their knowledge. I wanted to create a place which provides one stop solution for everything tech.. If you can provide some solution of how i can add value to peoples life with this creation of mine it would be highly appreciated....

What have you done to solve this problem? If you haven't done anything, why not?

I recently launched cash contests where anyone from around the world can join and can win the contest by just sharing their tech knowledge in form of tech posts. The prizes were to be increased exponentially each month ranging from 100$ to 1million$ as per the growth of the community. I also tried instagram marketing, on instagram i have over 120 followers but none of them finds this concept interesting.

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